Enhancing a school-led system in which every child can attend a good school and benefit from a great education.

Sydney Russell School was designated a Teaching School in 2014 by the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

Operating as Partnership Learning Teaching School Alliance (PLTSA), Sydney Russell Teaching School currently brings together existing and new collaborations between schools in Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham, Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Southend-on-sea.

Centred on its role in improving educational outcomes for young people, PLTSA aims to engage, inspire and develop learners – students, teachers, leaders & school communities, in our Teaching School Alliance and beyond.

Sydney Russell School is committed to the core purposes of Teaching School designation and through the work of PLTSA ensures high quality provision in each of the core areas, ITT, CPD and School to school support.


PLTSA sets out to:
• recruit, train and retain high quality teaching staff through School Direct and other training routes as appropriate (ITT)
• deliver high quality training courses for teachers and support staff (CPD)
• develop and broker support to other schools within and beyond the alliance (School to School Support)

PLTSA is an active alliance which has grown to now engage more than 18 schools across east London and parts of Essex, welcoming new alliance members. PLTSA works with alliance partners to identify how they can benefit from the alliance as well as how they can contribute to its activity. PLTSA’s collaborative ethos values the contribution each of its alliance partners can make to achieving its vision.

Termly meetings of all partners in the alliance, hosted by alliance schools, focus on enhancing recruitment into teacher training, identifying and sharing CPD needs and opportunities, sharing good practice and responding to needs for school to school support.

Alliance partner schools are active in the delivery of PLTSA training programmes, quality assurance and school to school support with a broad range of opportunitites for experienced primary and secondary colleagues to apply for designation as Specialist Leader of Education (SLE).

PLTSA’s commitment to purposeful collaboration is highlighted through its partnership since 2015 with neighbouring alliance ELTSA (St Angela’s Ursuline School) in a unique venture to found an exciting School Centred ITT provision – Partnership London SCITT (PLS).

Recognising the value and importance of high quality provision, PLTSA has worked as an Appropraite Body for Induction of NQTs since 2016, offering two packages to ensure high qualilty provision is tailored to each schools’ needs and budget.

Being a part of PLTSA offers schools the opportunities to train high calibre trainee teachers, offer colleagues a range of professional learning experiences and enables schools to collaborate towards the shared vision of a self-improving, school-led system.