Recruiting, training and retaining high quality teachers to ensure the best outcomes for learners is at the core of the Teaching School’s purpose.
The appointment of an Appropriate Body is a statutory requirement for the induction period of NQTs and the Appropriate Body makes the final decision as to whether an NQT has met the Teachers’ Standards on the recommendation of the Head teacher/Principal.
This service is built around three main responsibilities of administration, quality assurance and supporting & monitoring. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure they commit appropriate resources to the induction of NQTs. It is the responsibility of the Appropriate Body to ensure quality of this induction provision.

Core NQT package:
• Register and monitor the progress of NQTs and provide the required reports of your NQTs’ progress to NCTL including the decision on the outcome of statutory induction for NQTs.
• Provide a subject specific lesson observation with feedback to NQTs and their mentors by
o a Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) or
o an experienced lead mentor/coach (including Phase leads).

Enhanced NQT package:
In addition to the Core NQT package, the Appropriate Body will:
• Provide Induction tutor (mentor) training and the option of mentor QA support
o Summer term – ½ day training.
o Autumn term – QA of mentor meeting.
o Support with end of term assessment reporting and feedback on reports.
• Provide Induction co-ordinator support
o Termly meetings to review NQT progress, identify emerging areas of CPD need and share good practice.
• Provide a CPD programme to support NQT learning and development
o An NQT induction conference (early Autumn term)
 Behaviour for learning
 Year group/phase networks
 Managing work load
o Additional CPD to support the school’s programme
• Give advice and subject specific support where an NQT is not making satisfactory progress
o Early warning strategy prompted by an observation in the first 2-4 weeks following initiation of ‘Early concern’
o Support for mentors who are working with NQTs who are not making satisfactory progress

[acc_item title=”Additional NQT SUPPORT PACKAGE”]

Underperforming NQT s can be additionally supported by the Appropriate Body who will draw up an action plan to support the NQT towards making satisfactory progress.  This will be tailored to the individual case and agreed with the Head teacher.